Patient Testimonials

Dedicated to the Art of Beauty and Skin Health

A successful result by a successful treatment plan is the greatest reward a physician can achieve and sometimes the rewards are Patient Testimonials. For nearly two decades, Dr. Debra Atkins, Atlanta native, has improved the lives of many patients from all walks of life, and we have patient testimonials and results to show just that. All provide great satisfaction when there are no more lesions to remove, daily use of sunscreen and enhancing the areas that complement their full potential of beauty enhancement.  When Mona started, she came as a referral (as most patients), wanting to explore options to keep her youthful appearance, desired natural looking results, and wanted no surgery or down-time.  Being an accomplished dancer, entrepreneur, and attorney, she was very discerning about the options available to her when she left the office.  After a few days passed, she called, booked her appointment to start her beauty enhancement treatments, and stated,

“I have found what I am looking for with Dr. Atkins.”

Dr. Atkins told her the with a combination of lasers, microdermabrasion, sunscreen, and collagen enhancing agents, she could prevent wrinkles, sagging skin and that the skin would renew itself.  Additionally, what Mother Nature didn’t give Mona, such as high cheekbones and fuller lips, Dr. Atkins had a “collision of injectables” that augmented these areas.  This has completed the picture for Mona and she is a regular to the office, keeping her competitive edge on the dance floor, board room, court room, and at home with her beloved husband and pets.

Dr. Atkins states, “I don’t think I will ever retire. I may slow down a little bit, but I think that I will see patients until the last day. Beauty, the art of beauty, and skin health is the thing I love the most.  Combining lasers, skin care, injectable agents and relaxing facials together is magical in my hands.  Every time I can help one patient turn into a canvas of artwork and make THEM feel better about their appearance, it makes me smile.”



First of all, I just want to say that the website looks awesome! I actually enjoy being on the site and learning about all the products and services. Secondly, Dr. Atkins and her staff are the nicest and most professional women I have met in a really long time. They are very knowledgeable and answer my questions to where I understand fully any procedure they perform. I will definitely be returning for more services. Thank you!

D. Carson, Atlanta, GA


From the beginning, I knew this was the team I wanted to perform my surgery. When I called, the supporting staff was friendly, answered all my questions, and allowed me to come at my convenience for a consult. They allotted adequate time for all my questions to be answered and ensured all pre-teaching was done.

Dr. Frodel explained the entire process in detail and even went over my medication and pre and post care instructions. Wow, to be so totally prepared prior to a procedure. I knew after speaking with him and Dr. Atkins that there was no other team I would use. The follow-up and availability of the MDs was so comforting. He saw that all my needs were met and that I was healing properly.

As others have said, he is definitely an ARTIST and finds pleasure in making people happy with the way they look and feel about themselves. Thanks for everything you have done.

SC, Registered Nurse


I cannot praise Dr. Atkins enough for her skills, thoroughness and professionalism.  I went to see Dr. Atkins for a laser treatment of a dark area on my cheek.  Dr. Atkins took a thorough history – both medical and lifestyle and then discussed what I would like in regards to treatment. She examined the area on the side of my cheek and advised that before doing any further treatment she would strongly recommend a biopsy due to suspicion of the formation of a possible Lentigo Maligna (type of Melanoma). She thoroughly explained the procedure including what to expect afterwards.

I took Dr. Atkin’s recommendation and without being too emotional, it literally saved my life.  The area was diagnosed with an in situ melanoma. Dr Atkins explained thoroughly what it meant and what my course of treatments were including recommending to move forward with removal quickly and to find a skilled MOHs surgeon.

This again turned out to be the best advice, as the results were incredible and I do not believe I would have this result without her advice. I would not hesitate in any way to recommend Dr Atkins. She is simply fantastic.

Kalyna S, Atlanta, Georgia

Acne Treatment


Dr. Atkins is truly a miracle worker. I’ve had problems with acne since high school, and tried everything on the market with no luck. A friend of mine mentioned Dr. Atkins had treated her brother and he had great results, so I thought why not. She was the first doctor who actually listened to what I had to say. I felt completely comfortable when I was there. She got me in for a microderm that day, and designed a treatment plan for me that I was actually capable of following. Two days hadn’t gone by before I saw a significant difference. It has now been a little over 2 weeks and my skin has never looked better. To say I’m pleased with my results is a serious understatement. I recommend Dr. Atkins to ANYONE for skin care. I will never go anywhere else. She’s simply the best!

Lori Mayes, Atlanta, GA

Botox & Juvederm


Although I was fearful of putting needles in my face, I have recently been treated with Botox for my 11’s ( those 2 vertical lines between my brows that give me the appearance of looking tired, stressed, and angry). I also used Juvederm, which instantly fills in the “parenthesis” along the side of my nose and mouth & I love the results! I lost my lines and I still look very natural! Dr. Atkins gives the best injectables in town. I would not hesitate to do Botox or Juvederm injectables again.

MKR, Marietta, GA


I just attended the Boo-tox event at the new East Cobb office and I thought it was amazing, the food was great, and the staff was so helpful and fun. Plus I saved MONEY!!!! I would highly recommend Dr. Atkins for her artistic touch.

LH, Marietta, GA

Facelift & Eye Surgery


I went to Atlanta Medispa after a friend’s recommendation, the office is beautiful and the staff, especially the aesthetician, Liana, is the best. Liana made me feel so comfortable about the procedures done on MY FACE before I met with Dr. Atkins and Dr. Frodel. Well, I have now had a facelift, eye surgery, and am working on my skin texture. I feel beautiful again. The inside matches the outside. Thank you Atlanta Medispa and the staff – y’all are the best.

LV Marietta, GA


Dr. Atkins is an artist!!! I had a botched plastic surgery procedure and Dr. Atkins performed miracles with her repair work. I FEEL PRETTY AGAIN! I highly recommend her to anyone considering cosmetic facial procedures.

PW, Registered Nurse



I have had many facials in my lifetime so I feel like an expert. The facial I received was by far, the very best facial I have ever had. The aesthetician took time to evaluate my skin, recommended a strategy for my needs, and gave me the most delightful and relaxing facial ever. And afterwards, my skin was not red or irritated and I didn’t get the typical ‘after a facial breakout.’ It was awesome. They’ve got great people working here and they’re truly skin experts.

Rachel K. Yatteau, Alpharetta, GA

SmartLipo / Liposuction


I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Atkins. She is a wonderful and caring physician. She is knowledgeable and understanding when it comes to a woman’s body and to a woman’s point of view. I had SmartLipo on my upper and lower abdomen, flanks and both upper arms. It’s been a little under 6 months and the results are amazing. I thought that the immediate results were great, it’s nothing compared to the results I now see 6 months later. My abdomen is flat, and I did not have any loose skin on my upper arms. The skin retraction is probably the best feature to this kind of lipo. I looked around in several different places before I decided on Dr. Atkins. She is absolutely the best decision I have ever made. I look and feel great. Thank you to Dr. Atkins and her wonderful staff.

Jennifer B, Marietta, GA


I am so excited about my recent Smart Lipo procedure that was done by Dr. Atkins. After giving birth to two babies, for years I believed that my baby fat would never go away. I just thought I would always have to hide the baby “gut”. I didn’t think SmartLipo would work so fast, but it does. My procedure was fast, painless, and I am considering doing additional areas. I went to work the same day. It’s true, there really is minimal down time with this procedure. The next day all of my clothes were falling off of me. I just love putting on my new tight clothes and I don’t have to worry about my stomach sticking out.

KJ, Atlanta GA