Eyelash Extensions

eyelash extensions

Why Eyelash Extensions?

From our aesthetic experience, we believe the goal for most of our patients is to enhance their natural beauty in a subtle and significant way. If this is your goal, eyelash extensions are what you’re looking for. Our certified aesthetician, Sydney Allen, does an incredible job applying quality eyelash extensions to enhance the look of your lashes. Our eyelash extensions vary in sizes and looks, so we can definitely provide you with exactly what you’re looking for.

When asked what makeup item patients would choose if they could only pick one, most answered “mascara”. Imagine waking up every morning naturally looking like you have mascara on, and going through the day with effortlessly flawless eyelashes. This popular trend is just as amazing as it seems, and the incredible results are what has our patients coming back regularly.


The application of eyelash extensions is a 1.5-3 hour process. During this time, most of our patients have a relaxing experience, and often even take a nap. Our aesthetician applies a lash extension to each eyelash with glue that is designed to preserve the health of your lashes. There’s a wide range of eyelash sizes, and you’ll be given the opportunity to choose based off of your personal preference. We have lashes for those who want a dramatic eyelash finish, a mini-enhancement, or anything in between. The procedure is relaxing, and most of our patients report no pain and a very calming experience.

Do I have to have it retreated?

Eyelash Extensions on average last 4-6 weeks. We also provide discounted touch-ups in between treatment times.

How much does it cost?

The prices vary slightly based off of the eyelash look you desire. We provide a complimentary consultation in which you can discuss your preference and the prices with our trained aesthetician. Call today for more information: 678.213.2220

Interested in Eyebrow Microblading as well? Call today to book a free consultation with our brilliant licensed medical aestheticians Sydney Allen and Justine Lorenzo.