Microblading Eyebrows and Hairline

Microblading is somewhat of a permanent type make-up that provides a means to partially or fully replace missing hair on the hairline or eyebrow. This technique, Microblading, uses fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments to create an eyebrow embroidery. Our aestheticians perform this semi-permanent procedure using hair-like strokes to form a natural looking eyebrow.

Our trained team members perform microblading by manually placing pigment into the dermis, just below the skin, with the use of a small tool. The tool is not machine driven, allowing for the artful placement of each individual hair.  Small pigment droplets are applied for a natural look.  As the popularity of this technique rises, so will its demand.  If you are ready to rid yourself of your eyebrow pencils, tints, and powders, give our office a call to learn more.

Is microblading painful?

It can be slightly uncomfortable. However, since we perform this procedure in our medical office, a numbing agent is available if approved by our board certified physicians.

What are the side effects?

Other than great looking eyebrows, some slight inflammation may occur during the first few hours. The area might itch or have a slight tingling sensation lasting for a day or two, but many people do not react at all. The treated area will first appear darker than expected, but the pigment fades over the next two weeks as the area heals and the pigment sets.

4-6 weeks after the first application we provide another treatment session for the final perfected result.

Microblading Eyebrows

Do I have to have it retreated?

Yes, in 12-18 months, as the pigment does fade with time.

How much does it cost?

The number of sessions determines the total price. We provide a complementary touch-up session 4-6 weeks after the original application to make sure the results are perfect. Call today for pricing and more information: 678-213-2220