Cheek and Chin Implants

What are cheek and chin implants?

Cheek and chin implants can improve the contour and definition of the facial area. Implants can build-up under-developed areas or replace losses of tissue due to aging.

Atlanta Medical Day Spa & Surgery Center Cheek and Chin Implants
Cheek implants can drastically improve the contour and profile of the face.

When are cheek and chin implants necessary?

Due to variations in the bones of the face and facial imperfections, each individual has different facial features. This is most noticeable in the chin and cheek regions of the face. It is clear early in life, around the teenage years, that one’s chin is under-developed and under-projected, notably termed a “weak” chin.

In a younger patient with appropriate soft tissue position, the impact of under-projected cheekbones might be masked. As one matures, sagging and soft tissue deflation (fat loss) in the cheek area is more apparent. Additionally, the loss of bony structures can exaggerate the appearance of aging and the presence of weak cheekbones.

Dr. Atkins will conduct a thorough facial analysis to determine the best procedure for desired outcomes. For example, in a patient with a large nose, an under-projected chin will magnify the apparent size of the nose. A correction of the chin deficiency can improve the profile and lessen the impact of the large nose (i.e. rhinoplasty and chin augmentation surgery are a common combination).

Younger patients can improve the appearance of weak cheekbones with facial fillers such as Juvederm Voluma® or malar implants, which are designed for specific cheekbone deficiencies. We thoroughly evaluate the cheek or “malar” region for tissue sagging, fat loss, and bone deficiency. The options will be discussed with Dr. Atkins at your consultation.

What is a Chin Augmentation?

Achieving Facial Perfection™ may require bone surgery to cut and move the chin bone, also known as Bony Genioplasty. In the vast majority of situations, a chin augmentation with an implant is both acceptable and advantageous. This is commonly the situation with Rhinoplasty, where a chin augmentation can also be performed. As with Facelift and Neck Lift Surgery, the presence of a weak chin can magnify jowl formation and neck tissue excess. Chin augmentation is common in aging face surgery to better define the jawline and neckline. Chin augmentation presents itself as one of the most satisfying procedures that we offer to our patients due to its favorable impact.

While under sedation anesthesia (for chin augmentation alone and with facelifting) or general anesthesia (sometimes when done with rhinoplasty), the surgeon makes an incision below the chin to access the front of the bony chin area. He creates pockets along the lower border of the jawline and places in the implant, which is usually silicone. Upon securing the position, he closes the tissues over the implant. A light pressure dressing is applied and worn for about a week.

During your consultation, the surgeon will review their analysis regarding chin position with you and address any concerns.

cheek implants

What is a Cheek Augmentation?

Cheek or malar implants can be used to build-up under-developed cheekbones and replace the loss of cheekbone prominence due to the aging process. Cheek implants help to improve the contour of the mid-facial region and create more distinctive facial features.

We prefer to use Silicone Implants in most cases (or occasionally Porous Polyethylene Implants) to give the face a natural appearance. An incision is made under the upper lip and a pocket is created over the cheekbone region. Our surgeon properly chooses the implant, places it in the pocket, and secures it to the bone. Modest swelling and discomfort will last for about a week, and most patients can be out and about very soon.

If cheek or chin implants are of interest to you, please contact Dr. Atkins for a consultation.