Neck Rejuvenation

Neck Rejuvenation can be in the form of surgery, laser treatments, injectables, and neurotoxins. Sometimes the combination of all of these work wonders.

As we age, different areas of the body start to show the signs, with the neck being particularly problematic. Some people develop wrinkling and saggy skin in the arms, knees, and face. Others, such as Nora Ephron, wrote an essay about her neck, that is how much it bothers those affected. Some people seem to lose facial fat, while others seem to accumulate the fat bulges and wrinkles in the neck.

Who is a candidate for neck rejuvenation?

The best candidates are overall healthy individuals with realistic expectations. Both men and women can benefit from these procedures. The skin tone should have good elasticity. The use of sunscreen before and after the procedures is imperative to protect your investment. It is helpful to have some fat tissue under the skin, as this allows the skin to flow more easily over the newly tightened muscles, giving a more natural look. Even patients who have had surgery for their thyroid or have had a tracheotomy can benefit from neck surgery to re-position the soft tissue under the skin, allowing the skin to go back to a more acceptable position.

Is your neck showing signs of aging?

Areas of the face and neck are affected differently by the aging process. Some notice more fat accumulation and sagging tissues in the mid line of the neck. If this is the case, maybe Kybella, a fat-busting injectable, can eliminate the central bulge.

Neck Rejuvenation
Bye Bye Neck Fat

Another option for these fat deposits is liposuction or direct excision. Both have minimal downtime and get the results you desire.

If during the neck rejuvenation consult, we determine there is an overly abundant amount of skin, we may need to remove it by excisional surgery. Our board-certified physician will be happy to thoroughly discuss how this can be accomplished. Below is one of our patients who had that problem. As you can see, her neck looks great after neck lift and neck rejuvenation surgery.

Neck Rejuvenation
Neck Lift before and after

If you have visible neck bands in the middle, we will also need to tighten the neck muscles in the midline by a procedure called a platysmaplasty.

Is a neck lift right for you?

While the aging neck is commonly addressed during Face Lift and neck lift consults, there are occasions when other isolated procedures can be beneficial to a patient. Other procedures as described below are options. When these don’t work, we can perform a neck lift surgical procedure, in which we remove the excess skin from the neck after pulling it up and back. This creates a more pleasing neck and jawline.

neck rejuvenation
Neck Lift and Rejuvenation Surgery

During the consult, we will discuss your goals so we can assure you receive the outcome you desire. An evaluation by Dr. Atkins will determine whether non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures might be more favorable than neck lift surgery.  Perhaps it is a combination of both surgery and non-surgical treatments. During the consult, we will also take pictures to document your results. Non-invasive options include using Botox® to improve muscle bands in the neck, and/or using Thermismooth™ and Exilis™, (a radio frequency skin tightening treatment), Kybella to dissolve the fat, fillers to enhance defects in the neck, and other options. Minimally invasive procedures, such as ThermiTight or laser lipolysis (SmartLipo™), are also considered.

Can a neck lift procedure be combined with other procedures?

Besides face lift surgery for elevation of neck tissues, other surgical options exist. In younger patients without much skin laxity, Liposuction or laser lipolysis (SmartLipo™) alone or in combination with neck muscle tightening under the chin may be enough. In patients with more neck skin laxity but with limited jowl formation, the skin and muscle under the jaw can be tightened by making incisions around the earlobe and behind the ears. Not uncommonly, a patient may have a recessed chin. A chin implant can be placed at the same time to further enhance the appearance of the neck-jaw line. We can perform this procedure through a small incision under the chin. In our state of the art operating room, we perform procedures under local anesthesia, with or without sedation. You can resume normal activities after we remove the sutures 5 to 6 days after surgery.

What is the recovery process like?

Depending on the extent of the procedures, swelling and bruising may occur. We encourage the use of Arnica before the day of your surgery, avoid activities that enhance bruising, and camouflage makeup (under the guidance of our estheticians) can help. Swelling and bruising are generally gone within 4 to 10 days. A bandage will be placed around the neck and chin to enhance the skin tightening process during the healing phase. The next day you may take off the bandage, but we do require that you wear it each night for 2-3 weeks after the surgery.

Sutures, if used, will be removed in 7-10 days. Then the neck will feel hard as the healing process occurs. It will become more supple as the days pass.

Most patients go out the next day, most do not bruise. You may resume normal activities at this time and follow up as directed by our team.

Dr. Atkins can suggest the appropriate procedure and address any concerns during your consultation.

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