Laser Treatments for Hair Removal and Management

Laser Hair Removal
For many individuals, unwanted hair can be a nightmare to control.  There are many ways to get rid of it and many are painful.  Creams called hair depilatories, sharp razors, hot wax and of course, painful needles call electrolysis.  But today, we have advanced medical laser devices that provide an alternative.  Men and women alike will want to get this treatment.  Let us help get you started on your career path by teaching you how to be confident and competent when it comes to using Laser Hair Removal for this common condition.

Why us?  We will teach you the “how” behind the laser devices.  Melanin is the target and it can be tricky when it comes to skin of darker and lighter colors.  Because the systems scans the skin rather than treating one hair at a time, we will teach you how to be competent in choosing the settings and the laser or light therapy for any patient.  Due to the advances in hair reduction, most people want safe, fast and gentle treatments for their unwanted hair.

Of course, we will introduce you to the business of laser hair removal.  It would be unwise to open your doors and plan on having everyone purchase a package of 6 and at the end of the treatment, hair remains.  When you understand that some places where hair grows are really stubborn, then you will plan your packages accordingly.  We will teach you how to look at the hair location, hair density and hair growth cycle to make this determination.  Other factors that must also be considered are things like age, hormones, weight, etc.  Let our experience in this industry help you to master your skill set.

How to care for the treated area afterward?  We will provide you will some stock post care instructions that will help you right out of the gate looking strong.

Then of course, what happens when the problems arise.  When you are a yearly member you will have access to our team for all of your questions.

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