Cellulite Reduction (SmoothShapes)

Imagine…. Legs without the dimples from cellulite or droopy skin!

Cellulite Reduction with SmoothShapes

SmoothShapes Laser treatment produces amazing cellulite reduction results and reduces dimpling. You will see a slimmer, trimmer you really soon. This treatment significantly improves “orange peel” skin.

Celluilte treatments without the surgery!

Cellulite treatments without the surgery!

Cellulite forms when a network of connective fibers traps fat. As fat deposits accumulate within the structure of this tissue, a dimpling effect is seen. SmoothShapes is FDA cleared for cellulite reduction.

Cellulite treatments have been used in Europe for years and now also have become very popular in the United States. The results are remarkable, as the actual reduction in the appearance of cellulite is diminished. Additionally, the skin tone looks better and the skin around the knees is greatly improved.Cellulite Reduction example results.

The SmoothShapes method utilizes a hand held treatment device. It combines dynamic laser and light energy with vacuum and massage to address the physical manifestations of cellulite and its underlying causes. Typical treatments are 20 to 30 minutes for a set of body parts (for example back of legs or buttocks). Timing and fees vary by the number of areas about which the patient is concerned. Your consultation will include a full discussion of treatment areas.

Enjoy a rewarding treatment and relax while our amazing trained team delivers deep, smoothing treatments to effectively define your figure and enhance skin tone in just weeks.

Combination of therapies:

Our unique, whole body approach stimulates your body to reduce the appearance of cellulite while contouring and defining your body.  Our team has been doing this for decades. With this level of experience, you can trust that your dreams can become reality!

Exilis laser (a radio frequency device) melts the fat, as also does SmartLipo laser lipolysis. We then use the SmoothShapes device to position the fat and tighten the skin for amazing results!  This reshaping technique efficiently produces results using a refreshing, non-surgical procedure applied through a course of weekly sessions.  It enhances skin condition as well, and goes where no other available treatment can in pushing out those fat pockets that lead to and cause cellulite.

What to expect?

First, an improvement in skin tone. Then a reduction in dimples in the treated area. Then smoothing of the skin and if combined with Exilis, a reduction of the diameter.  The appearance of stretch marks and loose skin may also improve. If you are on a diet this may kick start you to lose even more.

How does cellulite reduction differ from liposuction?

Cellulite reduction is not surgery, as is liposuction. There are no needles, anesthesia, or breaking of the dermis in any way. We can treat all body parts, and treatment is specifically tailored to fit your needs.

How soon will I see results?

OKAY, it takes a whole package of 6-14 treatments to see the results that you are looking for.  Most patients start to notice in 4-6 treatments, but want more, so we recommend a package of SmoothShapes for optimal results.

How are treatments scheduled?

We recommend two to three a week.  We also recommend that you drink at least 16 oz. of fluid before your treatments and maintain a healthy diet during your treatments.

Each session lasts 20-30 minutes.  Our experienced team will focus on your problem areas and make sure that your treatments are tailored to your needs.

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