Exilis™ Skin Tightening


Exilis™ skin tightening is the best solution that can treat the face, body and eyes.


The Exilis™ lasers tighten skin without surgery!

Exilis™ Skin Tightening is perfect for today’s adults who are proactive about their health and appearance. They want to look as young as they feel. Patients today are having the early signs of aging (“crow’s feet”, frown lines, smoker’s lines around the lips, and “tech neck”) treated in increasing numbers. They are requesting non-invasive, non-surgical procedures that have little, if any, downtime. Now, you don’t have to miss a thing. The Exilis™ procedure is performed in our office on an outpatient basis to gently smooth fine lines and wrinkles without surgery. You can resume normal activities immediately.  Dr. Atkins agrees that Exilis™ is color-blind and can treat all skin types.  It is fast and comfortable that every before, and gives the best and most predictable results over other devices.

Exilis™ Skin Tightening

What is Exilis™?

Exilis™ is a laser devices that harness the power of non-invasive radiofrequency (RF) energy, delivering it deep within the dermis to tighten and remodel the collagen. The results of Exilis™ skin tightening treatments offers these cosmetic improvement in skin laxity without surgery.  The Exilis™ monopolar radio-frequency allows for deep penetration within the fat cells without the risk of burning your skin.  Patients will see improvement after just one treatment session. Although, we usually suggest a package of four to six treatments spaced a couple of weeks apart to produce maximum results.

The Exilis™ Skin Tightenting treatment

You will remove any metal that you might be wearing. The physician will place a grounding pad on your body usually in the center of your back. The Exilis™ computer-controlled device is guided over the treatment area. You will feel a warming sensation as the energy is delivered to the deeper layers of skin. The ability to focus the energy on specific areas at the targeted depth of penetration makes Exilis™ a highly effective aesthetic solution. The device engages the cooling system to heat deep tissue as it is constantly monitoring the skin’s temperature facilitating a comfortable, even treatment. Only controlled heating will be engaged to redefine loose skin and smooth wrinkles and to favorably influence the upper layers of the skin.

Is Exilis™ painful?  NO!

While the Exilis™ Skin Tightening is heating the dermis, patients remain relaxed and pain-free.  Many say it is like a hot stone massage. The system’s digital thermometer provides constant feedback about the skin’s temperature, thus ensuring a comfortable, even treatment. Energy Flow Control technology minimizes risk of burns and delivers more energy over a shorter time period. It reaches therapeutic temperature rapidly, and eliminates energy peaks, thus preventing discomfort.

What kind of results can I expect from Exilis™?

Some patients see results immediately. However, for most patients the results are gradual. New collagen forms and the skin tightens over a three to six month period after treatment. Depending on the area treated, the skin laxity, and your desired results, multiple treatments could be required. Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and mouth will fill in while the deeper frown lines and grooves will soften. Facial skin and skin along the neck will be tightened which provides a mild, non-surgical browlift or facelift effect. This tightening effect could be used to firm up loose or sagging tissue in other parts of the body. This same deep thermal tissue heating may also have benefits for treating acne, acne scarring, and stretch marks.

The recommended course of treatment is generally four to six treatments as prescribed by the providers. Furthermore, you can have additional treatments if desired.   Many patients do more as they like the results they are seeing in the mirror.

How long will the results of Exilis™ last?

Treatment results turn back the hands of time and are long lasting; however, you continue to age.

Is Exilis™ safe?

Yes, the use of radio-frequency is safe and effective. The worldwide safety record of this procedure has revealed very few adverse effects thus far. Those with metal placed in their bodies such as hips and knee joints can not be treated with this procedure.

What are the benefits of Exilis™ over other procedures and surgeries?

Exilis™ Skin Tightening is non-invasive which means no surgery. There are no incisions and no tissue damage. A level of control will be achieved that is more difficult with other types of treatments. There is no bleeding or bruising, and the results are long lasting.  The only patient that does not do well with Exilis™ are those that have so much skin laxity that surgery is the only option.

What about recovery?

Basically, there is no recovery. You may resume all normal activities immediately. Some pinkness on the treated area may last for about 15-30 minutes. Patients should increase water intake on the day of and the day after treatment. Patients should engage in light exercise such as walking in order to enhance cosmetic results. The full effect of your treatment develops over several months and will be expected to last for several months or years. As with any cosmetic procedure the results will diminish gradually over time as one continues to age. In addition, you may repeat the procedure if desired.

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