Laser Hair Removal

Get rid of that unwanted hair for good with laser hair removal!

Laser hair removal has become the most common and accepted way to rid the body of unwanted hair. It is affordable, convenient, and practical. At Physicians Aesthetics, we have three different laser modalities to treat this condition. If you are looking for long-term hair reduction, laser hair removal is right for you. You should begin months in advance to get the hairless body you want for the summer!

For many men, unwanted hair can be a nightmare to say the least.  They think its removal is going to be painful, so they are reluctant about coming in.  Rest assured men and women, it is not painful.  It is usually fast, requires no downtime, and the results are long-lasting.

In the past, treatment methods utilized creams that smelled badly, sharp razors that hurt the skin, and hot wax that could be quite painful.  While there is still a place for these methods, the use of lasers accomplishes better results more quickly and permanently.

How does Laser Hair Removal?

The devices don’t actually burn the hair, they target the color pigment or “melanin” in the hair follicle.  This destroys the follicle that then disables the hair from regrowing.  While many of the devices target the hair follicle, it is not uncommon to have patients report that, as an added benefit, their skin was in better shape after the treatments.

When we expose laser or laser light to your hair-bearing skin, the treatments are safe, fast, gentle, and effective. Most prefer this over the old style stinging creams and waxes.

Should you worry if you have skin of color?

In general, yes.  If you go to a “groupon” or other similar place for treatment, beware.  Why?  There are specific lasers to use on skin of color and others can lead to permanent scarring, especially in the hands of an untrained technician.

At Physicians Aesthetics, our laser technicians are trained thoroughly by attending our school, Physicians Aesthetics Academy.  They know to adjust the power settings so that the focus of the laser targets the melanin in the hair and not the melanin in the skin.

Multiple treatments are necessary as not all hair follicles are in the optimal phase of growth. Laser Hair Removal can be done on virtually any part of the body!

Common Treatment Areas
 Upper Lip / Face  Chins and Necks  Underarms
 Bikini  Arms  Legs
 Back  Toes  Others

Following laser hair treatments, you can return that day to your normal activity.  The area being treated must avoid the sun because if the skin is sun-tanned, our office may need to defer your treatments. The use of sunscreen, SPF30 broad spectrum is recommended, on any area being treated with laser hair removal.

Find out if you can benefit from laser hair removal by scheduling a consult with our office today, 678-213-2220.