Laser Scar Treatment

Laser Scar Treatment before and after.
Laser Scar Treatment before and after

Do you suffer from facial scarring?

Physicians Aesthetics has 3 options for you: laser resurfacing, chemical peels, and also microdermabrasion. One of our trained physicians will examine your skin to advise which choice is right for you!

What are the differences between the types of laser scar treatments?

There are 2 types of lasers for resurfacing: CO2 and Eribrium.

CO2 laser resurfacing uses short beams of light to remove the top layer of skin so that new scar-free skin can emerge. Recovery usually takes 2 weeks.

Eribrium laser resurfacing is used to reach deeper set wrinkles and such; the eribrium method also has the benefit of fewer side effects. Also, recovery time with this technique is typically faster than CO2. We recommend Eribrium for those with darker skin tones.

Depending on your unique skin type and the blemishes you want removed, our trained physicians will select the modality best suited for you and your skin.

Are there any side effects from treatments?

Side effects of laser resurfacing include burns, scarring, pigmentation change, infection, and also reactivating cold sores if the procedure is performed poorly. Rest assured that our award-winning physician, Dr. Atkins, will treat you with care and execute all treatments carefully and proficiently.

What can I expect after the scar treatment procedure?

A recovery period may be necessary depending on which treatment option you undergo. However, not long after your treatment you will be able to see great results!

We look forward to serving you and helping you start enjoying your perfect skin and body soon after treatment!