What Is It?

ThermiRase is toxin free disabling of nerves. It is a three-step process of stimulating nerves, injecting an anesthetic, and then treating with ThermiRF. It has proven to be very effective in controlling the glabella frown lines (those 11’s between the eyebrows), and effective results are shown in other areas of the forehead and the neck as well.

Providers are now using ThermiRase for both the forehead and the neckHow Does It Work?

During the procedure, Dr. Atkins creates a thermal lesion along the nerve pathway that controls the muscles associated with unwanted face and necklines. They locate this nerve, inject a drop of local anesthesia, and apply heat for about one minute.

What Should I Expect?

You will see the effects immediately. It is normal to have redness, swelling, tingling, intermittent numbness and bruising for anywhere from 3-10 days after the procedure. Eighty percent of tested patients show lasting results even past one year of treatment.


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