Botox is the standard bearer in the aesthetics industry. It’s a very popular way to smooth and soften unwanted lines and wrinkles. The results are immediate and will last for months.


Age lines and wrinkles are a natural result of muscular movement and time. Over time the skin becomes less resilient and the creases become more permanent, unless Dr. Atkins intervenes with Botox Treatments.

Dr Atkins and our knowledgeable medical staff will evaluate your facial structure as well as the severity of your lines to determine the proper amount of BOTOX® that is required. This simple, nonsurgical
treatment is injected directly into the muscles of the forehead.

One 10-minute treatment that includes a few tiny injections and viola, within days there’s an immediate improvement. The great results can last up to 4 months. There is absolutely no downtime with this procedure.

To help reverse the effects of aging. Dr Atkins recommends using wrinkle relaxers such as Botox .
The wrinkles that begin to form at the outside corners of your eyes when you hit your mid-twenties. They may show up earlier for people who don’t take good care of their skin. With some relatively painless injections, you can have a much smoother and relaxed face within a few days.

Aesthetic applications aside, Botox is used to treat a multitude of medical conditions, those include eye squints, migraines, excess sweating, and leaky bladders. Botox Treatments are currently used to treat many different medical conditions, with more applications under investigation.