Hand Rejuvenation

Hand Rejuvenation before and after.

Revitalize your hands!

Our hands are battered and bruised every day. We use them more than most other parts of our body. They are the first point of contact with others. They are quite often a neglected part of our skincare routine. People don’t usually think to pamper them as they would their face or hair. However, taking proper care of your hands is important since the hands are always visible.

Our hands are the first place on our body to begin aging due to their constant exposure to the sun and the environment. The outdoors can cause dark spots, skin cancer, wrinkles, and freckles as well as other signs of early aging.

At Physicians Aesthetics there are various treatments available for the care of your hands. Retin-A can be prescribed by a doctor, which will allow the inner youth in your hands to shine through again. Age spots will begin to disappear and the skin will look less transparent and more elastic. Laser treatments can be even more effective at achieving this goal. Microdermabrasions and chemical peels are alternatives that will yield similar effects. If unwanted veins are an issue, then sclerotherapy might be a solution for you. All these treatments can deliver the necessary rejuvenation for your hands, leaving you with more self-confidence and satisfaction.

More Information on Hand Rejuvenation Procedures

Retin-A is a form of Vitamin A that can influence renewal of skin. This product can reverse sun damage to your skin as well as influence the production of collagen. As we age, this is a great way to aid in the rejuvenation of the skin, especially in our hands.

Laser skin renewal can remove dark spots, signs of aging, and sun damage from your hands. This procedure can leave you feeling and appearing younger.  Your hands will look less weathered. A chemical peel is another option for reducing wrinkles from aging and sun damage. It can lessen the appearance of mild scars and can also treat acne. Dark patches and freckles will begin to disappear. Glycolic acid will sometimes be used to prepare the skin for this treatment.

For microdermabrasions, we use the new diamond-tip technology which removes dead skin cells and revitalizes your skin, leaving skin renewed and beautifully smooth. It is essential that after this treatment you wear a gentle SPF lotion or sunscreen to protect this new and sensitive skin.

What Hand Rejuvenation treatment should I choose?

When you meet with our physicians, let them know what concerns you about your hands and explain the outcomes you would like to achieve. They will assess your needs and what outcome to expect from the recommended treatment plans. Your physician will explain the procedure that best fits with your expectations.

All of these solutions are considered outpatient procedures, requiring no downtime or anesthetics. You will be able to return to work quickly.

Don’t let people judge you by the age of your hands!