What is EM-Sculpt

EM-Sculpt is the first technology to use electromagnetic energy to eliminate excess fat and tone difficult muscle groups.

Non-invasive body contouring treatments are growing in popularity, as they can define the body with no downtime and no surgery. If there are areas of stubborn fat or undefined muscles that that are non responsive to workouts and diet, you might consider our new EM-Sculpt treatment.


An electrical field stimulation causes muscle contractions, to encourage muscle growth and fat loss. Your body is then able to eliminate fat through its own natural process.

Popular applications of the EM-Sculpt treatment include:

Toning the abdominal area

Toning and lifting the buttocks

If you have plateaued in your workout regimen and need some help achieving the tone and definition you want, then you may be a candidate for EM-Sculpt.

The treatment is intense, but not unreasonable. There is minimal downtime and you can return to your normal activities. EM-Sculpt treatments are performed twice a week for 2 weeks (total of 4 treatments).